Autism Speaks U UConn

Hello world! Brooke here, Hope everyone’s bundling up and staying warm as winter starts! After deciding that my agenda was not quite packed enough, last Spring I joined a new ...

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Getting to Know Your Professors

Hey Huskymaniacs it’s Paul, This post is about professors. Specifically, the great opportunity we as students have to build friendships with them. When I was sitting in my high school ...



Being a Sister of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Incorporated

Hey everyone Natalia here, Getting involved on campus is one the best ...
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UConn’s Clinical Research Lab

Hello Everyone, Darlene here!  Today I’m here to talk about the Human ...

My role as a Daily Campus editor

Hi all! Mike here, When I am not giving tours for the ...

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Firenze! – Preparing for UConn’s Florence, Italy Program

Bonjourno! Jacob here, One very short month from now I will be embarking on my biggest trip of my lifetime. I will be studying abroad in Florence Italy for an entire semester! I leave on January 8th, but will not be in Florence until the ninth after a quick layover in Frankfurt Germany (another place […]

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Center for International Business Education and Research

Hello everyone, Normaliz here! After months of planning, I was able to once again be in the Management Team of the C.I.B.E.R. Case Competitions, this past October. It is a unique experience for Undergraduates of both UConn and outside schools. The Competition can be summed in four days of hardwork, teambuilding, and fun!! The University […]

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Uniting Cultures

Hi everyone, Jana here! Although I’m the daughter of a former professional soccer player, I am sorry to report that athletics are not my forte! Unfortunately, I am not very coordinated or fast. However, I am still very passionate about soccer and its role as a global unifier and peace maker. I am a great […]

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Going 17,000 Miles Away From UConn

Hey all, Sarah here! So, I will not be giving tours at the Lodewick Visitors Center next semester (Spring 2013) because I will not be at UConn—or in the United States for that matter! Next semester I will be going abroad to Adelaide, Australia to complete four courses toward my major. This is going to […]

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UConn’s Krav Maga Club

Hello everyone it’s Sebastian! :) “Krav ma-what?” is often what I get when I tell people I am involved in Krav Maga. I guess it does sound bizarre. Krav Maga is the Israeli defense fighting form, the same form taught to the world-class Israeli army. It has gained notoriety for its intensity and almost savage […]

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Jaime and I — Friends 8 Years and Counting!

Hi everyone, Amanda here! As I look back on my past three years here at UConn, I am so grateful and appreciative for the friendships. I have made countless friends who have shaped my experience at UConn but one person in particular really stands out above the rest, my friend Jaime. Jaime has been one […]

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UConn LVCers Give Thanks

  THANKSGIVING – So many reasons to be thankful Each semester starts off with such promise and soon becomes loaded with projects, activities, and assignments. It is easy to forget how much we have to be thankful for and Thanksgiving reminds us to take time and recognize the beauty in our lives. I am most […]

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Anthropology 2000W w. Nicola Bulled

Hi again, Taylor F. here! As a psychology major, I must complete a number of non-psychology credits that are related to the field, while also enrolling in a number of writing courses to fulfill graduation requirements.  While browsing through UConn’s course catalog, I stumbled across Anthropology 2000W (Writing), which would fulfill both categories. I read […]

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Events Around UConn

Hi Everyone! Keerthi here to talk about the many events Jorgensen has to offer. I often tell people that one of my favorite aspects of UConn is how the University brings different types of events right to campus which appeal to a wide variety of student interests. My second semester sophomore year I was able […]

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The Student Network: Find Yours

Hi Everyone, Mike P. here! Coming from a small town, I am constantly looking for ways in which I can “shrink” the UConn campus. Therefore, the most important social decisions I have made while a student at UConn have been centered on how to make the University “smaller” for me. The best ways that I […]

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